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Why Moore

IMG_1864Over the past 25 years I have sought education in order to better serve my community and to work more effectively towards change and growth in Memphis. Through these experiences – sometimes government outreaches or political programs, sometimes faith-based organizations, and often through grass-roots community activism – I have worked to develop this community and find solutions to the issues which effect all of us.

It has been my passion to participate in many programs including, but certainly not limited to, my City, County, State, and National affiliations and board memberships. Due to the fact that my experience has included faith-based, government-based and community-based organizations, I have an ability to understand the needs of my constituents and communicate with people from diverse perspectives.

As a small business owner, I understand the opportunities and challenges facing the businesses of Memphis. This allows me to effectively communicate with those in the business community and gives me insight into creating fair governmental directives which may impact them.

As a parent, and now a grandparent, I really understand the need for a clean, safe world for our children. I have been-there-done-that when it comes to working with schools and after-school programs and these are some of the most important places to put our time and tax dollars!

City Hall must offer every one of us a safe place to live. EVERY Memphian must be safe!
To do less is unthinkable and will create an environment of fear, distrust and depression. Solutions are easy to talk about but will be more involved to work through.

It’s all part of the complicated world we live in! We must create jobs in order to ensure that those who are willing can have employment. People cannot be happy, healthy and complete unless they are comfortable and safe in their neighborhood….and have great schools and parks for their children…and can find jobs….and can then have homes to be proud of. We all know that when we love our neighborhood we’ll be more invested in keeping it beautiful and safe!

We must ensure that law-abiding citizens are carefully, thoughtfully and appropriately supported by law enforcement. That means enough trained police to do the job! Then we can have mini-stations which create a better link between the police and the neighborhood. But….the community is not “off the hook” as far as their involvement! The first line of any reasonable community program must be the involvement of all who live within the area. Memphis must seek to develop a strong community pride which then fosters deep responsibility within its citizenry as to their part in maintaining and improving their city.

It’s all part of a “big picture” when we talk about safety, jobs, education and beautification . None of these can stand alone….it’s all about the whole plan. We can’t keep taxing people who live here or relying on subsidies….we need to bring business here and tourism and all those dollars! Everyone knows that Memphis is a center for music and culture and we should be PROUD of our history….but we need to keep moving forward with enthusiasm. Bring people to Memphis and they will learn to love it as much as we do! These opportunities bring money to our city, our businesses and all of us will benefit.